• The Friendship File Podcast

    Do you ever wonder how your friends really see you? How much time do you spend thinking about your friendships? Maybe not enough.


    Parents, partners, children all come and go, but our friends stay - witnesses, cheerleaders, therapists, playmates. Each friendship is unique. But what makes it work?


    In The Friendship File podcast, two friends answer 17 questions about each other - recording on their own and without conferring. Each episode is a combination of those answers, flipping open the blueprint of one of the world's most valuable things - a friendship.

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    Each file is self-contained. There isn't too much biographical detail to distract you. Just two people talking about what makes their friendship tick. Scroll down to find Episode 1 - which gives you a bit of background to the project - and take it from there.

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  • The Questions

    17 questions. 2 friends. Recording on their own and without conferring. What could possibly go wrong?

  • The Friends Gallery

    If you've heard their file, you might be curious to know what some of our friends look like. Here they are.

    Simon and Mary doing what they do best

    Simon and Mary doing what they do best.

    Kepa (L) and Bayanda - performers, critics, friends.

    Annabel (L) and Rachel - from machetes to sisters.

    Richard and Sukhthi - politics, football, food and surrogate siblings.

    Nombasa (L) and Andiswa - supporting each other to follow their dreams.

    The Series One Reunion - our friends reveal what taking part in The Friendship File is really like.

    Here's the promo for Series 2.

    Catherine and Louise talking and telling each other's stories.

    Glenys and Raafat - he stepped from a tiny boat into her arms .... and safety. They have never looked back.

    Tony (L in early pic) and Os - from day one at univeristy and all the days since.

    Celia (R) and Ange - friends, bridesmaids, confidantes.

    Engel (L) and Mackenzly - rivals to cheerleaders.

    Nathan (L in LH pic) and James - nerds who found each other across the internet.

    Jeremy (L) and Dej - schoolmates reunited by chance to become lifelong friends.

    A taste of Jeremy and Dej's episode.

    Emma and Richard - met on 80s TV, friends ever since.

    Elna and Tina - honest, playful, knowing the steps to each other's dance.

    Elizabeth (L) and Marge - sisters from school to beach and beyond.

    Megan and Rudy - creative minds and cricket.

    Grace (L in L pic) and Sarah - it started with a song.

    Hailey (R in LH pic) and Sarah. So far apart and yet so close.

    Dorothy (L) and Chantelle - misfit schoolgirls who became each other's cheerleaders for life.

    A taste of the Series One Reunion.

    Martin and Michael became The Men Who Know - more fun than working.

    Tony and Rohan 30 years of abuse and love - and roast chicken.

  • The Makers

    A few details on the people behind the scenes and some other bits and pieces you might enjoy.

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    The Producer

    Jayne Morgan worked as a producer for BBC R4 in the UK, and the SABC and commercial talk radio in South Africa. After being commissioned to make one, she discovered podcasts and started Podcart in 2007 (in South Africa), to make quality content for anyone wanting to use the power of audio to reach their audiences. She recently returned to live in London, but not before she'd made a BBC Radio 4 documentary - The City that Sings - about how music is helping to heal her recent home town of Makhanda, in South Africa's Eastern Cape. The Friendship File is an idea she's had for a long time that wouldn't go away.

    The Music

    The Friendship File music was composed by James Lankester (on the left). He is one half of Wokring - the other half is Nathan Nadler-Nir (on the right - you might have guessed). You can find their latest album, Bloss on Apple Music or Spotify. James and Nathan also feature in a 'file'.

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